They hang around our feet when we're preparing their dinner, they meow at us telling us to hurry up, they get all impatient and sniff all around us
waiting for us to put the food down. Sometimes, they don't even end up eating the food we've put down! Cats can be tricky eaters, they can be picky and they can be downright pigs sometimes, but the key to maintaining a healthy, happy feline is to know some of the mistakes to avoid. This is why we've highlighted 4 of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to feeding cats.

  1. Leaving your cat's bowl out all the time. This is a common mistake, but it can be misleading as to why. The practice is to fill your cat's bowl, the cat can eat whenever they feel like it and you simply refill it when they're done. It sounds fair enough but the problem comes when your cat's natural instincts kick in. Cats are still somewhat instinctual creatures and if they see a bowl full of food, they might not realise straight away that the food won't be going anywhere, leading them to eat it all in one sitting. Once the bowl is refilled, they'll do it all again. This can lead to a cat eating far too much, leading to weight problems including obesity and diabetes. The solution? Measured, controlled meals at the same time every day is far better for your cat, they won't be able to overeat since the portions are controlled, and taking charge of your cat's diet is far easier since you know exactly when and what they're eating.
  2. Too many treats. Cat treats are tasty and we can feel the love radiating from our cats when we pull out the tasty treat wrappers, but even though cat treats are small, they are usually filled to the brim with sugars and calories, meaning it becomes quite easy to overfeed your cat on treats which can once again lead to weight problems like obesity and diabetes. The solution? Keep the treats to a minimum and only pull them out on special occasions, but even then, don't go treat crazy.
  3. Too much milk. While a cute kitty lapping up milk from her saucer sounds incredibly cute and photo worthy, the calories from the milk, which is a lot, plus the fact that loads of cats are actually lactose intolerant means that milk might not always be the way to go for kitty. Lactose intolerant cats have trouble digesting the lactose in milk which stomach pains and other nasty problems for your cat. While the extra calories can lead to weight gain. The solution? Nothing better than a cool refreshing bowl of cold water.
  4. Trying to change how they eat too fast. While it's good to help your cat stay healthy by altering their diet every now and then, maybe lowering calories to shed some weight or getting more nutrients in, changing your cat's diet too quickly can do more harm tha
    n good. Changing quantity of food suddenly, to either more or less can cause liver problems and lead to vomiting or diarrhoea
    , not good. The solution? When making changes to your cat's diet, do it gradually and over time, this will help your cat adjust and make the change less of a shock.