Do you adopt or buy your little bundles of joy? Do you think one is better than the other, for any reason?IMG_2543

Recently this has become a more and more pressing issue, with several high profile companies and charities talking about it. To give a fair idea of what's happening, we've summed up adoption in a few points below, along with a few interesting links if you fancy doing some further reading, and a chance for you to give us your thoughts and ideas on this!


  • Adopting pets instead of buying often means that cruel puppy mills aren't supported, which is good!
  • Most adoption homes for pets treat the pets before they come to you, meaning vaccinations and flea and worming treatments could be already done.
  • Adopting a pet that has possibly been mistreated in the past is an incredible thing to do, giving them a new, happy life.
  • Adoption centre's main priority is the welfare of the animal, meaning nothing comes before the animal's health or happiness.
  • Loads of charities put a strong focus on rehoming their pets, meaning they know what they're talking about and are doing the best for the pet.
  • A majority of pets in adoption or rehoming centres are not there because they didn't make good pets, most are actually there because the owner moved house or didn't have the time for them anymore, meaning your pet may be already perfectly housetrained

These are just a few of the reasons we've seen that more and more people are choosing to adopt pets instead of buy. But what are your thoughts? We'd love to hear any comments you've got, you can get in touch by posting on our Facebook page or tweeting us on Twitter.

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