Annie; found in pain and unwell

Microchipping is so important to keeping our pets safe. Having a microchipped pet greatly increases the chances of your pet being found should they ever go missing. This is the reason we include microchipping as a benefit of The Healthy Pet Club, to keep our members and their pets together.

Recently, Pines Vets in Maidenhead had a stray West Highland Terrier brought into their practice. The poor terrier was in a horrible condition, severely underweight, with filthy, matted fur and very sore and rough skin.

After some prompt and careful treatment by the team at Pines Vets, Annie was clipped and bathed and her sore skin soothed. The team then turned thoughts to finding this poor dog's owner.

After scanning her microchip. They found that this poor stray was called Annie, and she used to be a showdog!

Annie was stolen around the middle of 2013, she's been missing a year and a half.

Through the details stored in Annie's microchip, Pines Vets were able to contact her owner and reunite them after such a long time!

Annie is now happily back with her original owner and doing miles better! A happy ending!


Annie's happy reunion!

This wouldn't have been possible if Annie was never microchipped, the contact details the vets could get from her microchip not only helped identify Annie, but also make sure she was reunited with her owner.

We include microchipping as a benefit of The Healthy Pet club so that more sad stories can enjoy happy endings like this one. 


Annie is now successfully back with her original owner! In response to this, Pines vets are now donating the entire cost of Annie's care to the Dog's Trust Microchipping Campaign! Without her microchip, Annie wouldn't be home now! 


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After being home for a few months, Annie's owner sent some more up to date photo's of Annie! She looks really happy and well now! We really love stories with happy endings!


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