Preventative Health Care + Pet Insurance =
The best protection and care for your pet

The Healthy Pet Club
and MiPet Cover

Together, we’re here to do the

Our pets are always here to offer us love, joy and companionship…

…which is why we want to help you protect them and give them the everyday care they need, by always offering the

The Healthy Pet Club and MiPet Cover work perfectly in partnership to ensure your furry friends have everything they need for their lifelong health and wellbeing.

Doing the #BestforPets

Find out the benefits to having pet insurance
& preventative health care for your pet

Preventative health care
Pet insurance
Fleaing & worming
Annual vaccinations
Vet fee cover up to £12,000 for unexpected illness or injury
Six month health checks
Pet helplines
Multi pet discount (min insurance premiums apply)
Discounts on CVS vet care plus more benefits

The Healthy Pet Club helps you with your pet’s routine care. Your membership offers a number of great savings and benefits on vaccinations, flea and worming, six-monthly health checks, discounts at your local CVS veterinary practice and much more.

MiPet Cover is here to protect your pet should they develop an unexpected illness or have an accident. With the average pet insurance claim standing at £848 in 2021 (ABI, 2022), it’s good to know they’re covered without you having to worry about the financial burden of a surprise veterinary bill. Your cover comes with a bundle of other great benefits too!

Save on your pet's health care

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Our Preventative Health Care Plans

Puppy & Kitten Plan

Tailored to new pet owners

Our Puppy & Kitten Club helps you, as a new pet owner, have all the tools to hand to give your pet the best possible care in their first year. As a member, you can make great savings on treatments, pet food and vet bills, as well as many more exclusive benefits to help your pet stay happy and healthy.

Puppies and kittens up to the age of six months can join The Puppy & Kitten Club.

Dog & Cat Plan

Save up to £200 a year on your pet’s healthcare*

Our adult Dog & Cat Plans will ensure your pet is well looked after, whilst saving you money. As your pet grows, keeping up with preventative health care is important to help them stay protected and healthy.

Our plan benefits include; regular health checks, fixed price dentals, preventative health treatments and more. They have been tailor picked by our vets to support you with giving your pet the best care. Cats and dogs over the age of 6 months can join.

Rabbit Plan

Protect your rabbit with tailored healthcare

Surprisingly, rabbits can be high maintenance and are prone to a number of health issues, including fatal diseases like Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease, and parasitic conditions like flystrike. With The Healthy Pet Club, you can be reassured your rabbit will be provided with the best preventative health care available to help them stay protected and healthy. Regular health check-ups are also included to ensure medical and dental problems are treated as soon as possible.

Preventative Health Care + Pet Insurance =
The best protection and care for your pet

The best health care for your pet.

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