How your cat can help lift your mood during winter


Cats sometimes get a bad rap for being selfish and egotistical, but it is unfair to tarnish every kitty with the same brush. For many, their cat has been their lifeline during the recent lockdowns and will continue to be so throughout the winter months.

You’ve got a friend in me

The majority of cats are playful and interactive; as long as you know the right games to play. There’s nothing quite like a good game of ‘chase the laser’ or ‘pounce on the toy’ to keep both of your spirits up. Play time with your furry friend can be a great diversion and will also serve to strengthen your bond.

Here's a list of the best toys to help engage your cat to play >

Your personal hot water bottle

It’s true that not all cats are tactile and some aren’t keen to cuddle often. However, during the colder months you may well notice Felix curling up on your lap more often than usual. The cynics among us may say that they are simply stealing your body heat, but even if that is the case, try to enjoy those warm embraces.

Someone to ‘keep you in check’

Having a cat to care for can offer you a real purpose in life and help you to feel motivated. Tasks like cleaning their litter tray, grooming them and refilling their food bowl may not seem like much, but the routine can be beneficial for mental health.

The power of ‘the pet’ to help lift your winter mood

Petting a cat has been proven scientifically to boost mood and reduce stress levels. When stroking them, chemicals are released in your brain that produce a calming effect and lower blood pressure. As well as keeping your stress in check, this powerful effect can even reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke; now, who said cats were selfish?

Curbing your Insomnia

It is not uncommon to struggle with insomnia and sleep during winter and this can affect your mood. Those who sleep with their cat generally feel that they sleep better than when they are alone. Perhaps it is the comfort of their presence, or their warm little bodies acting as mini heaters. Whatever it is, we think everyone should have a cat or two to curl up next to.

Though the prospect of a ‘Covid’ winter may not be one we are all looking forward to, there is no denying that having a cat by your side can make things seem that little bit sweeter and lift your mood.