We all love to spoil our cats, a nice treat every now and then, maybe a new toy from them to destroy. They give us so much love and fun it seems harsh to not treat them often, right?

But how many treats are too many? How many sweet chews and fatty treats are too many for our cats?

According to the PDSA 2013 PAWS report, a whopping 18% of cat owners reported giving their cat a treat at least once a day! The graph below details just how frequently cat owners reported giving their cats a treat.



But what exactly are these treats, and are they good for our pets? 

According to the same PDSA PAWS 2013 report, the most popular treats for our cats are fish and meat treats. The next most popular is owners giving their cats a special cat biscuit as a treat. While these may not seem like a particularly naughty treat for our cats, when they're given outside of the cat's regular diet, they can contribute to excess weight gain!

So what's the best advice?

The thing to remember is that treats and biscuits are not an essential part of any cat's diet. Cat's should receive all of the essential nutrients and energy they need from their regular diet. This means that regular treats that come outside the cat's regular diet can contribute to excess weight gain. When deciding how much your cat should ea, always take into account your cat's age, weight and shape, as well as veterinary advice and the packet feeding guidelines on cat food.

What are your thoughts on this?

How many treats do you give your cat? Do you think that too many treats are good thing or a bad thing? We'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this! You can get in touch using the social buttons below!