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Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month

May 2015 in national Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month. An campaign being forwarded by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. This campaign all about one thing, or one group of people, Veterinary Nurses. It’s about promoting the incredible work done by veterinary nurses all over the country the integral role they play in keeping your pets…

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Summer Heatwave!

It’s heating up over here! Forecasters are predicting that Britain is in for a stunner of a Spring heatwave! This is great for those of us who want to hit the beach or spread out in the garden to pick up a nice tan, but it can be a hot mess for our dogs! Dogs…

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Puppy Socialisation

Is your puppy or dog afraid of the hoover? Do they fight like a champion to get out at bath time? It turns out that a lot of these daily struggles can actually be avoided by good, early socialisation of your puppy. When a puppy is still very young, before they’re even 8 weeks old…

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