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Worm control in cats

Worm control in cats Any cat is at risk of infection of worms, however well cared for – and most will be infected at some stage in their life. Left untreated, worms have the potential to cause real health problems for your cat: vomiting, diarrhoea, weight loss and anaemia to name just a few. A…

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Flea control for cats

Flea control for cats Do you know that just 5% of fleas live as adults on pets? The other 95% of flea population lives in the home. Adult fleas lay their eggs on the dog within a few days of their first blood meal. These eggs are non-sticky and will drop off onto surrounding carpets…

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Vaccinating your Cat

Vaccinating your Cat The Importance of Vaccinations There is no specific treatment for most of the viruses that affect our pets today and we at the Healthy Pet Club believe that ‘prevention is better than cure'. Cat flu is still a very common disease, and sadly we also often see cats that have been infected…

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