Following our competition in the July edition of our e-newsletter we are pleased to announce the winners of a cooling mat are Portia Durrant and Archie Laing.


Archie won the girls over in the office with his pin-up photo – although he already considers himself cool, he wanted to win a cooling mat to make him Uber-cool!

Portia, a Japanese Spitz is a therapy dog for a Sussex charity called Sussex Caring Pets. Portia visits a couple of junior schools where the children sit and read to her for 15 minutes each. She also takes part in an all in one cuddle session.

The children at both schools love her and her owner, Alison, would be in trouble with the children if she cut Portia’s lovely coat to keep her cool in the summer! Portia really enjoys visiting the children, however hot it is and the cooling mat will help her to stay cool during her visits.