do indoor pets need protection


Do indoor pets need protection from fleas, ticks and worms? Even if they don't go outside? 

The short answer is, yesIndoor pets need the same level of protection from fleas, ticks and worms as outdoor pets. 

While it is true that outdoor pets are more exposed to these problems, being exposed to damp grass where other pets have been, walking through other animal's droppings and just being exposed to other animals in general. This does not mean that the same problems aren't faced by indoor pets. This means that the same level is protection is needed for indoor pets, as would be needed for outdoor pets. 

But why is this? How do these problems get into the house and on the pet if the pet never goes outside? Unfortunately, fleas, ticks and even worms are resourceful little critters and will take just about any opportunity to gain entry into your house, some of the most common ones? Here's a list:

  • They latch on to our clothes, shoes and any part of us and we walk them into our home
  • Any other pets that have been outside entering your home can bring them in
  • Unwanted rodents like mice and rats can scatter fleas and ticks all over the house

These are just a few ways that these little problems can get into our homes and our pets, but they show that protecting our pets, even our indoor ones, is just as important! Our modern way of living, in air conditioned homes kept at comfortable temperatures, an abundance of dark, warm places for them to live and a ton of food for them means that even a small amount of fleas or ticks can flourish into large populations.

Protecting your pet from these problems isn't just doing your pet the world of good, it can also do wonders for your family's health too. Fleas and ticks can not only make your pets ill, but the can also transmit diseases and problems to humans. Problems like bartonellosis, tapeworms, lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever can all be caught from having fleas and ticks around in abundance.