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Worm control in dogs

Worms Pets are easily at risk of attracting different worms such as roundworms, tapeworms and lungworms. They can pick them up in a number of ways – from other infected animals, from their mother if she is infected while pregnant, or from eating worm eggs in infected faeces, urine or grass. Roundworms Very common in…

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Flea control

Flea control Do you know that just 5% of fleas live as adults on pets? The other 95% of flea population lives in the home. Adult fleas lay their eggs on the dog within a few days of their first blood meal. These eggs are non-sticky and will drop off onto surrounding carpets and bedding…

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Vaccinating your dog

The Importance of Vaccinations There is still no treatment for most viruses that affect dogs today. At the Healthy Pet Club we believe that ‘prevention is better than cure'. We frequently see unvaccinated puppies with parvovirus, which can be very rapidly fatal, and Kennel Cough is another extremely common illness that we see in dogs…

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