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FAQ with a Vet

Advice on dealing with the loss of a pet

Embracing the twilight years of our pets can be a wonderful time. Just spending time together, pottering about and enjoying the less active individual can be very rewarding in itself. However, as time goes on, it is inevitable that serious health problems occur in our ageing pets. It is important to discuss any changes you…

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What to do if a loose dog approaches you on a walk

Dogs are unpredictable creatures. If you come across an unfamiliar dog on a walk, it is not always going to be a friendly meeting. If worse still you see a dog approaching which is not on a lead, it can cause a lot of anxiety both for dog and owner. Here are some tips of…

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What to do if your cat keeps returning to your old home

This can be a problem if you have not moved very far from your previous home. Cats are by nature territorial. This is especially the case if you have been in your previous home a long time, your cat may have a strong urge to return to its territory. We all remember the childhood films…

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What to do if your pet goes missing

Microchipping has made reuniting lost pets with their owners so much more successful. So always make sure your pet is microchipped and the details held by the database are up to date and correct. It is a legal requirement for dogs now, but we recommend all your other pets are microchipped too. Here is a…

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What to do if you find a deceased pet

Occasionally as members of the public we have the misfortune of finding a deceased pet either on the road or in your garden. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you if you find yourself in this position. If you come across a dog, cat or pet rabbit: DO Move the pet to a…

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What to do if someone else is feeding your cat

Do’s Make sure your cat is micro-chipped when you first get it. This way there cannot be any arguments about who owns the cat. You can get your cat micro-chipped at your local veterinary practice > If you know who is feeding your cat, go around and have an adult discussion. Explain kindly why you…

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What to do if you find a stray cat, dog or rabbit

Dogs If you have found a healthy looking dog and there is no owner in sight, here are a few tips about what you can do next: Report the stray dog to the council. They will alert the dog warden whose responsibility it is to fetch the dog. If it is safe and the dog…

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