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Here at The Healthy Pet Club, we’re celebrating our 15th birthday!

We want to help you give your furry friends the care and protection they deserve and over the years, we’ve been here to help you do the #BestForPets.

Together we’ve cared for your cats, dogs and rabbits with the following benefits:

  • Annual vaccinations (including Kennel Cough for dogs and Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 1 & 2 annual vaccination for rabbits) to keep your pet save from life threatening diseases
  • Vet and vet nurse health checks to help spot early signs of illness
  • Vet prescribed flea and worming treatments to keep those pesky parasites at bay
  • Dental, scale, polish and minor extractions for a fixed fee
  • 20% discount on neutering
  • 10% discount on ALL vet fees and products
  • 20% discount on selected lifetime care medications
  • 20% discount on Well Pet Blood Screens at time of booster vaccination
  • One 6 month veterinary health check (after annual vaccination) with a nurse
  • 1 Rearguard and 10% off additional treatments for rabbits
  • Multi pet discount (£1 discount per month) for each additional pet
  • Food offer: Buy 5 bags of food to receive the 6th bag free of charge
  • 1 x bag of food per month OR 1 x bag of hay per month for rabbits
  • 20% discount on dental treatments for rabbits
  • 10% discount on MiNightVet emergency out of hours veterinary care
  • Microchip and unlimited nail clipping.

We’re here to say thank you to all of our two and four-legged members and if you’re not one of the hundreds of thousands already in our club join today to start saving money whilst spreading the cost of your pet’s health care.

Are you looking to join your cat, dog or rabbit to a pet health plan? Find out more about joining The Healthy Pet Club here >

The best health care for your pet.

Register today to spread the cost.