Harvey's Law petition has now reached over 100,000 signatures! This is an incredible amount and shows the depth of support that our pets can bring out in us. The new goal is to now reach 110,000 signatures and this is quickly seeming very likely! You can find out more about the petition as well as sign it for yourself by reading our article below.

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Every year on Britain's roads, hundreds of thousands of wild and domesticated animals are seriously injured or killed. This can range from the 50,000 badgers that are killed every year, to the 6,000 dogs who are put in danger by being left in hot cars. These injuries however, are only the tip of the iceberg.

A huge number of animals that are killed or injured on our roads every year, are our pets. Our cats and dogs that have wondered into traffic and become injured or worse. This is heartbreaking for everyone involved, not only for the owners of the pets, but also for the driver of the car and any witnesses. It's enough to ruin anyone's day.

The current official procedure in the UK, relating to pets injured in road accidents, says that the priority when an injured pet is found is identification of the pet, and the notification of the owner. For a lot of owners who have had a pet go missing it's not knowing and the unsurity that makes the whole situation worse. The current procedure is in place to notify owners to relieve this pain.

This procedure to notify pet owners if their pet is injured by the road is changing

The Highways Agency is currently in talks to phase out this procedure. This means that it will no longer become a priority to identify the pet and notify the owner when a pet is found injured or killed by the roadside. If the current phasing out continues, by July, someone's pet could be seriously injured or killed on the road and the owner could not be informed.

There are numerous documented occasions where people's pets have been shamelessly discarded without consideration, respect or compassion for the owners rights and the phasing out of notifying procedures mean this could happen more and more.

This change has led to the creation and spread of an online petition called Harvey's Law. This petition currently has around 85,000 signatures and aims to keep in place the guidelines that make it a priority to inform pet owners if their pets have been injured. The petition is being back by thousands of people and even pet insurance company Agria Pet Insurance is backing the movement.

Also highlighted in this movement is the need to properly tag and Microchip pets and keep the contact information up to date, making roadside identification loads easier for police and roadside officials.

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