Has your dog lost some of his “Get Up and Go”?

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As your dog gets older, even if he is generally in good spirits, you may notice changes in him:

  • Not so bright or alert
  • Gets out of breath quickly
  • Less agile
  • Spends more time sleeping
  • Less enthusiastic to go for a walk

Any of these could be a sign of something more serious than just “old age” and so it is always wise to get him/her checked at your vets. If your vet is happy that your dog’s health is generally good and that these are just signs of “aging”, your vet can prescribe medication in tablet form – such as Vivitonin – that can help your dog to perk up.

This medication helps to improve the blood flow to the heart, skeletal muscle and brain; opens airways to the lungs and has a mild stimulating effect on some nerve cells in the brain. Many dogs become much brighter and livelier and willing to exercise.

Vivitonin is not always suitable for all dogs. Your vet will advise you if it is suitable for your dog based on your dog’s general health and medical history.

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