Cats are incredible climbers. They seem to able to scale every tree, fence and shed in sight without the smallest showing of fear. Unfortunately this means they're also rather good at getting on the kitchen counters and sides and stealing a cheeky bit of food! Sometimes, food that isn't good for them!

Cats like to climb for loads of reasons, they like high vantage points and they like to look around and see what's happening. For the most part, this climbing instinct is good for your cat, allowing them to get some exercise and feel at home. So, how do we make sure kitten doesn't get to any dangerous foods on the kitchen counters?

For the most part, this is a simple case of giving your cat preferable alternatives to the kitchen counters. Maybe a tall house plant or clear some space off the top of a tall bookshelf. Having alternatives available will prevent your cat from resorting to the kitchen counters.

A common mistake is owners shooing cats off the counters or using spray bottles to scare the cat down. The mistake here is that the cat often ends up becoming afraid of the owner instead of being wary of the counter. A safer bet is to use environmental deterrents instead. These can be anything that makes the kitchen surfaces less enjoyable for kitty, maybe making it uncomfortably slippery by placing baking paper or making it boring by closing the blinds to block out the interesting outsides.

Overall, it's all about keeping your cat safe. If you can move food bowls to somewhere else and deny access safely to the kitchen, that's always an answer. Environmental deterrents are a good idea and work, but it's a good idea to keep in mind how you cat could injure itself.

Does your cat just love the kitchen counters? How do you keep them down or safely away from dangers? We'd love to know, you can get in touch on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #petsafety

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