Make Christmas magical for your cat

If my cat was cast in the local Christmas play, she would likely end up with the role of The Grinch! However, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be indulging her over Christmas and including her in some of the Christmas fun. Celebrating alongside your pet can strengthen your bond and add a new dimension to your relationship.

Put Yourself in their Shoes

Try to think of your cat when the annual family game of Charades or Scrabble gets rowdy and voices are raised. Some cats can find the extra noise and ‘hubbub’ of Christmas a little hard to handle. To help them out we can:

  • Make sure they have a ‘safe space’ to disappear to when overwhelmed
  • Spray their bed with a calming pheromone spray such as Feliway
  • Allow them to be nearby but don’t force them to stay in a noisy room if they’d rather not

Keep them Safe

Whether a kitten or a sensible adult, any cat can end up in the veterinary clinic over the Christmas period. Sometimes, the allure of the sparkling tinsel and twinkling glass lights is just too much. Cats need to be watched closely when around decorations and it is best to keep them up high and out of reach. Be especially watchful of your kitty around the tree, as some may jump on it and cause it to fall over.

Indulge their Inner ‘Garfield’

While we certainly don’t want our cats getting sick, a little of what they fancy on Christmas day is likely well deserved. A few pieces of meat such as chicken or turkey can be added to their usual meal. You’ll also find that some food companies will release festive versions of their regular diets: Yum!

A Thoughtful Gift

There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to showing your appreciation. Rather than buying your cat a personalized blanket or an expensive, four tier cat-tree, keep things modest. Cats are generally pleased with simple things like old cardboard boxes. In fact, why not have the kids design a cardboard box ‘Santa’s grotto’?