Make Christmas magical for your dog

Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t been easy on anyone, let alone our pets. For many, their routines have been turned upside down and they have had to cope with a lot of change around the home. Christmas may not be something your dog quite understands, but why not take the opportunity to spoil them a little? Think of it as a ‘thank you’ for them being there for you during this uncertain year.

Tickle those Taste Buds

While we do need to steer clear of potential toxic food such as mince pies and chocolate, this doesn’t have to mean the same bowl of kibble on Christmas morning for your dog. Healthy dogs should be fine to tuck in to a small portion of turkey, potato and veggies. Watch out for stuffing and gravy as these can contain onions and garlic.

A Visit from Santa

If money is tight there is no need to splash the cash on a gift for your dog. However, you’d be amazed at just how much joy they can derive from things that are ‘free’. Left over wrapping paper can be used to wrap an old toy in and play a fun game of ‘Open it up’. Don’t forget to supervise to ensure the paper isn’t ingested. Another great present idea is a home-made ‘Snaffle mat’. Old clothes and a pair of scissors are all that are needed to create this enrichment feeder; oh, and some tasty treats of course!

Bring Rex Along

Many families use the festive period as a time to take long hikes and go exploring in local mountains. Rather than leaving the dog at home with a chew, pop them in the car with you. They will be grateful for the opportunity to go somewhere new and really get a chance to stretch their legs. Depending on the breed, most won’t mind the colder weather. For slim, short-haired dogs such as Greyhounds, be sure to have a dog sweater to keep them warm.

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