Make Christmas magical for your rabbit

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Make Christmas magical for your rabbit

Christmas is a truly special occasion when the whole family can spend time together, soaking in the festive atmosphere. This should include not only the two-legged members of our household, but all of our pets! While your rabbit sees Christmas day the same way they see any other day, they won’t say no to joining in on the fun.

Remove any Toxins

Rabbits are susceptible to certain toxins that may be found inside during the festive season. One of the most common poisons ingested by our pet bunnies is Christmas plants. Ivy and Holly are two of the biggest culprits and should be kept well out of reach of curious little mouths. Watch out for signs such as lethargy and diarrhea. If you think your bunny may have nibbled on something they shouldn’t have, call your vet right away.

Play time

More than a new toy or fancy hutch, what most rabbits want is a bit more of your time. Spend the holidays keeping them busy with some amusing games that all the family can take part in. Try to teach your clever bunny ‘fetch’ with a small, jingly ball, or why not make them a mini, indoor obstacle course?

Time for a treat

While most of the festive fare will be off the table for your little furry companion, there are some foods they’ll be happy to chow down on for ‘Christmas tea’. Offering them some fresh herbs such as parsley, mint and coriander is the way to most rabbits’ hearts – although remember that these are a treat and should be given in moderation.

The Christmas ‘Bunny Bush’

A new trend that is sure to be a big hit in 2020 is the ‘Rabbit Christmas Tree’. Owners can use twigs and branches to create a makeshift little tree for their bunny. Twine can be used to hold the branches together and we can use a miniature tree stand or even a small box with a hole in the top to keep it erect. On the branches, hang some tasty treats to tempt your rabbit such as raspberries, banana chunks and cherry tomatoes. Now, if only all decorations were edible…!

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