Rabies is a global problem, causing the premature and painful death of thousands of people and dogs all over the world.

In areas of the world that have mass unvaccinated wild dog populations, such as India, someone can be bitten by a Rabies infected dog every 2 seconds. This leads to around 24 people a day, dying an excruciating death from Rabies. Over half of these victims, are children.

Mission Rabies is a non-profit organisation started up by the Worldwide Veterinary Service. Their aim is simple, to make a difference to the lives of millions of people and dogs across the world. They've certainly been doing this; in 2013 they ran a mass vaccination programme throughout India in which they managed to vaccinate over 115 thousand dogs.

In an effort to help Mission Rabies carry on with their great work and incredible cause, CVS (the people who run the Healthy Pet Club) is to donate 20,000 syringes to them. These donated syringes will be a major part of Mission Rabies’ upcoming project in Malawi. Their efforts will be focused in the city of Blantyre, which has the highest annual rate of child rabies death in the whole of Africa.

Commenting on the CVS donation, Luke Gamble, WVS CEO, said:

“Rabies is a global problem and leads to the suffering and premature deaths of many thousands of people and dogs.  In 2013 we ran a mass vaccination programme in India during which we vaccinated 117,858 dogs.  We are now focusing on other high risk countries, including Malawi, in our quest to eliminate rabies from the world by 2030.”


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