Are you squirmish about needles? Do you hate having injections or giving blood? Well, how about your pet?  

Giving blood to  help those in need, to help the sick and the injured, is an incredible thing to do. But it is not widely known that our pets can give blood too! But so many people bravely decide to allow their pets to give blood every year.

One such owner is Healthy Pet Club member, Sarah and her greyhound, Muffin!

Muffin regularly gives blood donations at the Royal veterinary College in London. During the quick and easy procedure, a small bit of Muffin's fur is clipped off and the area is cleaned. This is so that the vets can see the vein clearly. A local anaesthetic cream is then used to numb that patch so that Muffin doesn't feel anything. The blood is then taken and everyone can go home!

But that little bit of blood given can then go on to save a life. The life of a dog with anaemia, dogs who have lost lots of blood, or even dogs whose blood can't clot properly. These are only a few situation! Often, one single donation is split into different parts, separating the blood plasma from the other components and using them all separately to help loads of different pets in need at once!

Some pictures of Muffin giving blood are below, she's so calm and brave!

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We'd like to thank Sarah and Muffin for sharing their incredible story with us. Every bit of blood given can save a life, so we really want to say thank you! Sarah had this to say about the process of blood donation with Muffin at the RVC:

“The Royal Vet college are amazing with the animals and many of the animals are quite relaxed when doing the donation. Once the donation is complete they lie still for about ten minutes and are then given a nice big plate of food and various treats. They are always on the look out for new donors!!!”

If you'd like to offer your pet to give blood, the Royal Veterinary College have a few requirements for their donors, listed below:

  • Must be between 1 and 7 years old
  • Weigh more than 25 Kilos
  • Have not received a blood donation themselves
  • Be healthy and not on medication
  • Have yearly vaccinations and regular worming and flea treatment
  • Easy to handle
  • Have not travelled abroad

That's it! If you'd like to learn more about pet blood donations, the ways in which it can help, or what you can do to get involved, you can check out our useful links section below!

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