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From 1st January 2021, when we officially left the EU, The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) confirmed that Great Britain will become a Third Country in regards to the EU Pet Travel Scheme.

Due to this change, Pet Passports are no longer valid and an Animal Health Certificate (AHCs) will need to be issued instead for dogs, cats and ferrets who are travelling to the EU from Great Britain. It’s recommended that you start the process of obtaining an AHC for your pet 1-2 months before you are planning to travel.

If you’re thinking of going on holiday or a trip abroad to an EU country and you want to bring your cat or dog along for the ride, please contact your veterinary practice as soon as possible.

Other things to consider

When you visit your veterinary practice for your AHC, have a chat with your vet for further advice on protecting your pet abroad outside of the minimum requirements of an AHC. As an example, ticks and other insects that bite in Europe can pass on disease to your pet if they are bitten. Therefore, we would advise you ask your vet about preventative treatment for these critters before you go, as well as other factors you may need to consider.

Further information

Check out the Government website for the most up to date and official guidelines on travelling with your pet to the EU and also other countries abroad:

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