Advice on neutering your rabbit

Advice on neutering your rabbit Neutering pet rabbits is now a common operation. Neutering stops rabbits getting nasty diseases such as uterine cancer in females and testicular cancer in males. Neutering also reduces the chances of aggression and allows males and females to live together without the risk of babies! They will make better pets…

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Microchipping your pet rabbit

Microchipping your pet rabbit Pet rabbits – whether indoor or outdoor – are just as likely as dogs or cats to escape into the big unknown which is why it is important to microchip your rabbit. Your rabbit cannot wear a collar so a microchip is the only form of identification a rabbit can have.…

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Advice on Flystrike

Advice on Flystrike “Fly strike” can be a fatal disease as it develops rapidly. It is primarily associated with domestic rabbits throughout the warmer months. If you are concerned that your rabbit is showing signs of it, you need to take immediate action. Flies are attracted to the smell of urine and faeces around a…

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