What to do if someone else is feeding your catDo’s

  • Make sure your cat is micro-chipped when you first get it. This way there cannot be any arguments about who owns the cat. You can get your cat micro-chipped at your local veterinary practice >
  • If you know who is feeding your cat, go around and have an adult discussion. Explain kindly why you don’t want them to.
  • If your cat wears a collar or would tolerate one, you could buy one with a message on it. You can buy one online with the words “please do not feed me” on it or “I am on a special diet” or whatever you want! It may be that the person doing the feeding, thinks the cat doesn’t have a home. This is often the case when cats don’t wear collars, and the cat is often quite happy to maintain this way of life! As long as your cat is micro-chipped, then this will establish you as the owner.
  • Be tolerant. Cats wander into other people’s houses and help themselves without necessarily being encouraged!
  • Install a microchip cat flap so that your cat gets all his own food without having to share it. This may mean he is less likely to look elsewhere… but no guarantees!


  • Get angry. These situations are much more difficult to resolve if tempers flare up. Realise that the feeder is probably only trying to be kind, even if you feel it is misplaced. Explaining calmly and quietly is usually all that is necessary.

Sometimes there can actually be a benefit as a result of two people feeding one cat. The cat has two families instead of one to look after it and pay for it… Believe it or not, this is not an uncommon scenario and can end up as a win win situation!