For Miss Dokurno and Stanley, the Healthy Pet Club is 'value for money convenience'.

“The Healthy Pet Club for me is simply 'value for money convenience'. I am advised when vaccination and treatments are due and then we are off to the vets and it's all taken care of by a monthly direct debit.

Also the discount on any medication needed means extra money in the pot for Stanley to have a special treat.” Concluded Miss Dokurno.

Thanks to Miss Stephenson for her story about Spyro-Southpaw!

“Spyro-Southpaw has benefitted lots in his first year as a pup with the Healthy Pet Club, which has reassured us as first time dog owners! He has had all his injections up to date, which were quite a few to ensure he's a healthy pooch. A microchip, unlimited nail clippings, flea and worming treatment, excellent advice and plenty of fuss every time he comes into the vets by all members of staff. In fact, our pampered pooch loves the vets believe it or not!

Being with the Healthy Pet Club allows our pet to be cared for to the best quality, which is what he deserves!” Said Miss Stephenson.

Mya has benefited hugely from being a member of the Healthy Pet Club.

“The Healthy Pet Club has helped me by ensuring that my puppy, Mya, can always be healthy without me having to worry about how I will pay for her treatment or when I will be able to get her in to see a vet. It is extremely beneficial, finance wise, and has saved me money from the very first appointment. Mya loves seeing the vets and all the other animals in the surgery and if she ever has any qualms about her jabs, the vets know exactly how to calm her down.

Thank you so much, Healthy Pet Club.” Finished Ms James.

Max is a 2 year old Lhasa Apso.

“We have been members of the Healthy Pet Club since Max our dog was a pup. We have been benefitting since then with all the flea treatment, worming tablets and being able to have him checked over and weighed.

We decided to have Max neutered and we even got a discount on the cost of the operation.

We made a very good decision when we joined the Healthy Pet Club and have recommended and will carry on recommending this.” Recommended Mr Darby.

Lily, Jenny and Bella have benefited a lot from being members of the Healthy Pet Club.

“My three furry babies are members of the Healthy Pet Club - Lily and Jenny my Jack Russell’s and Bella my cat.

We visit ‘the place that has no name’ at least twice a year for their vaccinations and six month check-up. They are a tad apprehensive to say the least but they are soon put at ease by the friendly warm reception at the vets.

They were introduced through the Puppy and Kitten Healthy Pet Club where they were given monthly flea and worm treatment and microchipping. They receive 20% off certain medication and 10% off all other medicine in addition to all the other benefits.

As you can see the Healthy Pet Club is a wonderful comprehensive club which helps at all stages of life. It's well worth the £9.99 a month for all those benefits.” Concluded Mrs Shelton.

Thanks to Mrs Dodds for her story about Jackson.

“My Bearded Collie, Jackson, is 11 years old. He's had a sensitive stomach from being a puppy and I have always had to buy his food directly from our veterinary practice. As this is an expensive option I benefit greatly from buying five bags and getting my sixth bag free. He also loves playing with fluffy ducks which I buy from the practice and receive a discount.

His regular check-ups and range of treatments he receives have made him into the beautiful well-loved dog he is today.” Said Mrs Dodds.

Inka and Indie have benefited a lot from being members of the Healthy Pet Club

“I have two beautiful cats that have benefited from the Healthy Pet Club.

I’ve had my kittens from eight weeks old, had them spayed and all their yearly injections covered as well as flea and worm treatment. As I am on a low wage I would not have been able to afford this so I’m more than grateful to Healthy Pet Club for allowing my kittens to be safe from diseases and all the nasty on the street!

They have kept me going through a horrendous year and given me a reason to go on.

I have been impressed with the savings made and I’m grateful to Healthy Pet Club for allowing me to have my two beautiful kittens.” Concluded Miss Hilton.

Thank you to Mrs Sargent for your story about Dudley

“We joined the Healthy Pet Club when we got our puppy, Dudley - he's benefited from excellent care in the early stages of his life, all his flea/worming etc, discounted neutering and second to none follow up care.

We also attended the socialization classes, which gave us great tips regarding behaviour and dental hygiene and a goody bag! (Very proud of Dudley's graduation certificate!)

I would recommend this to anyone starting out with a pet - it promotes preventative care for your pet’s lifetime.” Recommended Mrs Sargent.

Dudley and Delilah benefit greatly from being members of the Healthy Pet Club

“The biggest advantage of being a member of the Healthy Pet Club is that I receive reminders via text when my cats worming and flea treatments are available, which prompts me to make sure their treatments are up to date. Likewise, being reminded that the routine vaccinations are due helps keep me on track and protect my pets. Both my cats have been members since they were tiny kittens. I was grateful for the financial assistance in paying for their vaccination programs and neutering - start-up costs that can be quite daunting with two young animals.

All this makes it a ‘no-brainer’ for me. Thank you for everything!” Said Mrs Buckham.

Thanks to Miss Worrall for her story about Dillon.

“I am the very proud owner of a gorgeous Shih-Tzu called Dillon and he has benefited a lot from the Healthy Pet Club. It has given me great piece of mind that he gets his worming and flea control every month and I never have to worry about his yearly booster as it’s taken care of. When Dillon has his check-ups they are very thorough and it’s a good opportunity to discuss any worries which are never too much trouble for the lovely staff to sort out.

Lastly the huge savings is a bonus as £10.99 a month is far less noticeable than a huge vet bill so happy days.” Concluded Miss Worrall.