Alfie has benefited a lot from the preventative care included as part of being a member of the Healthy Pet Club.

"Alfie has benefited from the Healthy Pet Club a lot. I originally got him from a neighbour who couldn't afford to keep him, so of course I couldn't refuse. I took him to my local vets to get a check-up and they told me all about the Healthy Pet Club and how much I will save.

He was given his 1st injections and flea and worming treatments. I was so happy to only pay £9.99 and not the amount it would have cost me, which was somewhere in the region off £60 - big savings! Alfie fortunately has not had any accidents during the past year. He’s just needed his monthly treatments, but to him and me that is a lot and without them he could become ill.

I am grateful for the Healthy Pet Club." Said Ms Dowler.

Thank you to Ms Woodhall for her story about Pongle.

We benefited quite a lot in early 2016 when Pongle was taken ill suddenly. Within 2 days he had gone off his back legs and was slipping away. "I rushed him to Riverside Veterinary Clinic in Bewdley and they were fantastic. They diagnosed tumours in his testicles and an infection in his prostate.

After some antibiotics and pain killers, (which were discounted due to Pongle being a member of the Healthy Pet Club) he was booked in to have his testicles removed.

I am happy to say that he has made a wonderful recovery and even though he needs some medication to help with the arthritis in his legs (which again are discounted) he is on the mend and back to a normal Labrador." Concluded Ms Woodhall.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Healthy Pet Club for providing us with a fantastic service.

If it wasn't for this great scheme I'm sure Archie (bottom), Olly (middle) and Stanley (top) would have been given a product that was no longer effective against parasites and probably not as frequently. We may have even stopped inoculating the older two all together because of the cost, Healthy Pet Club makes it affordable.

We now have total peace of mind against disease and know that at any time our boys would be accepted into a cattery if there were ever the need. The health checks are vital for the correct dosage of flea and worm treatment and as it’s a regular treatment plan they are always up to date and safeguarded. I appreciate the reminder text messages also as it’s so easy to forget!

As a Rehoming visitor for Cats Protection, part of my role is to ensure that those wishing to adopt are able to continue with the inoculations, flea and worm treatment etc. I now always recommend the Healthy Pet Club, give them a leaflet and of course tell them our own fantastic experience.

It's a great scheme and Archie, Olly and Stanley are thriving, I'm sure this scheme has helped safeguard them." Concluded Ms Pressland.

Lou benefits greatly from being a member of the Healthy Pet Club!

"What an amazing scheme! We transferred our beloved Golden Retriever to Coastline Veterinary Surgery in 2015. Since then we've had him microchipped (which came in very handy when the gate was left open and he escaped!). He's up to date with all his vaccinations and he's been neutered at such a discount!

We had been putting it off because of the price but now we never have to, as jabs and routine check-ups are included in the plan. They even remind me when Lou needs to have his booster vaccination etc.

The Healthy Pet Club gives us such peace of mind and its great not having to shell out loads of money randomly.

Three other members of the family have joined too. Love it!" Finished Ms George.

Thank you to Ms Bullard for her story about Travis.

“My dog Travis has had a rough year so far. With numerous trips to the vets for tests, medication and having ear and leg operations, being a member of the Healthy Pet Club has saved me money along the way. I thought his troubles were over but now we’ve found on our most recent visit to the vets he has allergies. This means he will be on medication for the rest of his life so being a member will save me some of the cost for his medication.

He’s now back to his old self and enjoying life.

Joining the Healthy Pet Club has been the best investment I have made for saving me money with his yearly boosters, flea and worming treatment.” Concluded Ms Bullard.

Jess is a 3 year old Chocolate Labrador and Sookie is a 3 year old Jack Russell cross.

“Both my dogs Jess and Sookie have benefitted hugely from the Healthy Pet Club. One simple payment each month and that’s them covered for flea and worming treatment along with all their vaccinations including Kennel Cough, which is a huge bonus! It is also fantastic knowing we can just pop down to the vets and get their nails trimmed as part of the plan... even these visits would add up!

We have saved an incredible amount of money so far and we really wouldn't be without the Healthy Pet Club.

Such a fantastic scheme and it has made two very happy dogs!” Said Ms Copeland

Harley and Arlo both benefit hugely from being members of the Healthy Pet Club.

“The Healthy Pet Club has helped my cat Harley who regularly has his flea treatments and annual boosters! It also helped out a lot when I noticed he was walking with a limp, so I took him in to see the vet and the consultation was free as it had been more than 6 months. I got money off his medicine saving me a fortune!

We recently got a puppy called Arlo and immediately signed him up for the Healthy Pet Club and within his first few days had his vaccinations, was chipped a couple of weeks later and all his flea and worming included! The lovely vet also clipped Arlo’s nails!

So far, because of me, my brother signed up for his Chihuahua and my step sister for her Labrador!!

I recommend the Healthy Pet Club to all of my friends and family!” Concluded Ms Allsop.

Thank you to the Jones family for their story about George and Molly the Saint Bernard’s.

“Molly is 6 years old and George, our baby is 20 months. It’s George who is enjoying support from the Healthy Pet Club scheme at Archway Vets Petersfield.

We had owned Molly for some time but she was never a good eater and was always happiest if family dogs came to visit. She is quite bonkers but we love her, she is smart, so smart that she alerted us to the fact my husband was developing diabetes.

In September 2013, we decided to take in a rescue male Saint Bernard called Harry. He was beautiful, loving and extremely close to our son Harrison.

We had only 1 year with Harry as he died September 2014 to undiagnosed Addison's disease. We were distraught, Harrison was distraught, we missed him, and Molly missed him.

Later that month I contacted, a lovely Saint Bernard Breeder in Norfolk, we arranged to visit her that weekend to meet her new litter of puppies. We spent much of the day there, met the mum and aunties and eventually chose George.

We brought George home on 9th December 2013, George soon got used to family life, he loved Molly, and was good as gold as a puppy.

In March 2015, it became apparent there was something wrong with George’s back legs; we saw the vet and he felt George should see a specialist. George was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and soft collagen of his joints at only 7 months old. We had followed all the rules about not over exercising, no climbing stairs, it was so unfair.

So off we started on a regime of exercise, hydrotherapy and pain relief.

Georges’ bad luck got worse; in April 2013 he broke his back leg getting out of the back of the car! So it was back to our vets who plastered him up and sent him back to the specialist for an operation to pin his leg.

He has since recovered but is awaiting a double hip replacement in August 2016.

This has been an incredibly unlucky run for George, we know there will be support required which we know will be aided by the Healthy Pet Club in place at our vets. It also gives us peace of mind for his future and additional support he may need, he is a beautiful brave loving boy that deserves so much more than life has thrown at him. He never complains and is a loving member of our family, he is our GORGEOUS GEORGE.

All of this is quietly supported by our vets, Archway Vets Petersfield. He is always supported at each visit to ensure he has everything he needs; they remind us of the benefits we are entitled to under the Healthy Pet Club, and spreading the cost has helped immensely during this troublesome and expensive time." Said Mrs Jones.

William, Ceefa and Jack all benefit from being members of the Healthy Pet Club

“My three cats are all signed up for the Healthy Pet Club. It’s a great peace of mind knowing their flea & worming treatment and annual jabs are covered; and in particular being able to take them for 6 monthly check-ups.

My youngest cat William (aged 4, pictured bottom) had a virus as a kitten making him prone to gingivitis (gum disease). Even though I wipe his gums with Hexarinse and feed dental biscuits the gingivitis still comes and goes so I make sure he gets his teeth checked every 6 months.

One of my other cats, Ceefa (aged 10, pictured top) had a weight problem and by changing feeding strategies she went from 4.7kg to 3.7kg.

Finally, my older cat Jack (aged 14, pictured middle) has a heart murmur, so again it’s good to have the 6 monthly check-ups to make sure things are ok as he enters old age.

I have to say I think the Healthy Pet Club is a good deal and I recommend it to my friends.” Finished Mrs Everard.

Veta is a 10 year old Springer Spaniel rescue dog.

“She was in a very sad state when she came to us nine years ago. She weighed less than nine kilos, and was very poorly; but from day one she has been the sweetest little dog we have ever been 'owned' by!

I am profoundly deaf, how did that little dog know that I needed to be told when a text came through on my phone? How did she know to tell me when the doorbell rang? In short, with no training whatsoever she became my hearing dog.

We knew Veta would need treatment on her teeth, so when she was stronger, thanks to the Healthy Pet Club she had a lot of dental work done. This came at a very reduced cost to us, making her look even prettier than she was before!

Veta now has severe arthritis in her front legs but with 10% off her pain relief, we'll keep her going for as long as we can!” Said Ms Dean.