Dolly is a 6 year old English Springer Spaniel.

Last year she was diagnosed with the early onset of osteoarthritis. As a member of the Healthy Pet Club, her owner Lynda Dunn has not only saved money on her regular injections and daily medication but has also had the benefit of making further savings on her routine treatment, check ups and vaccinations including Kennel Cough.

Dolly and her ‘brother’ Dave are frequent visitors to their local kennels.

Dave is approximately 4 years old. He was re-homed by Mrs Dunn and her husband. Dave is also an English Springer Spaniel.

It became apparent about 6 weeks after he was adopted that all was not well. He lost a quarter of his body weight and Mr and Mrs Dunn were genuinely concerned for his well being.

Eventually whipworm was diagnosed and successfully treated. “We are now obviously very concerned about reinfection and the peace of mind we gain from knowing that we are saving on regular Advocate treatment and check ups is priceless,” said Mrs Dunn. “This summary on Dolly and Dave does not begin to cover the operations and emergency treatment we have needed and in turn have benefited from the savings available to Healthy Pet Club members.

I can’t even begin to estimate how much we have saved, but needless to say, it’s a lot!” concluded Mrs Dunn.

Thank you to Janet Valentine for her story about Aqua:

“Quite apart from enjoying a discount on everyday things like food and consultations, the Healthy Pet Club was invaluable when one of our cats Aqua was taken ill one weekend recently.

Not only were the staff excellent in communicating with us and arranging swift diagnosis and treatment for feline pancreatitis due to infection, but the fact that we have so many things covered on the Club cat plan meant that the unexpected expense of a prescription that weekend was much more manageable.

I was going to say you cannot buy peace of mind, but actually you can with HPC!”

This is how the Healthy Pet Club helped us to keep Revel.

There was a knock at the door and there stood my sister with a nine week old chocolate Labrador! To cut a long story short he had been at three different homes in less than one week. Through no fault of his own his previous families could not manage with him so as a last result he was bought to us.

Looking at his beautiful face how could we say no. Then the penny dropped !! He needed all his vaccinations, flea drops and worming!! Things were tight so we thought we would have to say no but when I looked into what was out there in the way of vets I found the Healthy Pet Club. The answer to all our problems.

We joined and we could not be any more pleased. We have now had “REVEL” five months and we pay our monthly subscription and reap the benefits. We think he is worth every penny. Thanks to the Healthy Pet Club Revel is happy and healthy and we are happy we can spread the cost of his veterinary care.

Many Thanks from Revel and Family

Cassie is a friendly 7 year old Golden Retriever who was rehomed by her owners from a rescue centre.

In the past Cassie had been abused; she had ear and eye problems and had to have a large tumour removed.

Since joining the Healthy Pet Club, in the first 8 months, Cassie has had:

  • the tumour removal operation,
  • a bitch spey,
  • ear and eye medication
  • plus her routine vaccinations, kennel cough vaccination and flea and worm treatment.
  • Thanks to all the discounts under the Healthy Pet Club her owners have already saved £308.55!