Top Christmas present ideas for your pet

We humans are very good at anthropomorphising; that is we often treat our pets as though they are children. Invariably well intentioned, but it can mean that our pets don't always get what they would want if they could write a wish list for Santa!

Here are some of the things they would ask for.

The most amazing Christmas present you can give

  • A membership to The Healthy Pet Club. Every dog, cat and rabbit wants to remain healthy, and preventative health care is the best way to do this. From as little as £13.49 a month, the Healthy Pet Club covers your pet for vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, 20% off neutering and so much more. Give your pet the gift of health this Christmas, find out more about the Healthy Pet Club and all the benefits included here >
  • MiPet Cover Pet Insurance - Most people don’t realise how much a veterinary bill can cost until something happens. Having a dog insurance policy in place could help you with the unexpected costs of veterinary bills. MiPet Cover offers pet insurance that has been designed by vets with a range of annual and lifetime policies. If you’re about to welcome a new puppy, you could benefit from four weeks’ free WalkawayCover.

Dog Christmas present ideas

  • A hair do! Keeping your pet’s coat in good condition is an absolute must for all dogs. So why not treat them to a session at the groomers this Christmas. Buy any shampoos from your veterinary practice as the practice staff will be able to advise you the best product to use for your dog’s fur type.
  • A new collar and pet tag. Alongside a microchip, it is a legal requirement for a dog to wear a collar with an identity tag on it. Your dog may grow, making a collar tight and uncomfortable, or it may wear out with age. Check also that your pet tag is still legible and contains up to date information with current phone numbers on.
  • A new bed. Dogs love their beds and having a new squashy comfy one is probably top of any dogs list! Beds can harbour mites and flea eggs/larvae so to keep your dog healthy, buy a bed which can be washed easily.
  • A long lead. Most dogs love being off the lead. If you have a dog that isn't trustworthy whilst off the lead, or you walk in areas where livestock prevent you letting your dog off, why not invest in a 10m or 20m lead. This will help give your dog freedom whilst still being under control
  • Check out our home-made treats or buy your dog some healthy, tasty snacks which are great for training rewards.
  • Toys. There are many toys on the market which your dog will love. If your dog is a chewer and capable of destroying toys, then do make sure they are robust enough! Toys with squeaks are a particular favourite but they can be annoying!
  • Dog safe tooth paste and brush. For home brushing. This may not be on your dog’s wish list but they will thank you in the end! For further info on dental care >

Cat Christmas present ideas

  • A microchip. This is one of the benefits included in your Healthy Pet Club membership. We would always recommend that your cat is microchipped. Although not a legal requirement yet, it is likely to become so in the future and makes being reunited with your cat if they go missing much more likely.
  • A microchip cat flap. Once your cat is chipped, you can invest in a cat flap which unlocks itself when your cat approaches the flap. Only your cat(s) can access your home and all other cats are locked out! There are also microchip reading feeders available making feeding different foods or amounts to different cats really easy.
  • Cat nip toys. Cats love cat nip. It is a harmless herb which is incorporated into many toys and makes cats happy and playful!
  • Home-made treats. You can make your own tasty treats. Click here to see our home made treat recipes.
  • Ping pong balls. Cats love batting around lightweight balls and they are an inexpensive way of providing hours of fun.

Rabbit Christmas present ideas

  • A garden shed. A hutch is not enough. All rabbits need space to be happy. A garden shed with an attached outside run is an ideal environment for a bunny.
  • Another rabbit. It is ill-advised to keep a rabbit on its own. Rabbits never live alone in the wild and research has shown that rabbits value company as much as food.
  • Lots of good quality feeding hay. Rabbits in the wild eat grass all day and a pet rabbit’s diet should be as close to this as possible.
  • Home-made treats. Check out our recipes for home-made pet treats, but remember to only give your rabbit small amounts of anything except hay.
  • Apple twigs or gnaw sticks. Not all wood is safe for rabbits but they do love twigs of apple wood to chew on. You can also buy healthy gnaw sticks which are commercially produced and safe for rabbits.
  • Willow balls or tubes are great for playing and safe if chewed.