Top Rabbit Feeding Tips

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Top Rabbit Feeding Tips

Rabbits are hungry little animals! They need constant access to water throughout the day and a pile of hay as large as they are, sometimes they may even want more!

Rabbits will never eat more hay than they need, even if there are leftovers. Even if they did, the excess hay won’t make them fat or cause too many problems. Hay on its own can get a bit boring though, so your rabbit will always appreciate a good mix of fresh greens in with their hay. The hay is essential though, never replace hay with greens or anything else, always add to the hay, never take it away! 

Saying that, there are some fruits and greenery that your rabbit shouldn’t have. In fact, we’ve got a handy list of the most common plants that can harm your rabbit right here!

Other than poisonous foods, there are some foods that rabbits can not digest, meat will not be processed by a rabbit’s stomach so leftover chicken from dinner won’t do your rabbit any good!

Other things like Museli can lead to selective feeding which causes and imbalanced diet, can cause problems. The seeds of many fruits can also be troublesome. Certain parts of potatoes as well, all no goes.

So, to sum up, here’s a quick list of our rabbit feeding top tips:

  • Rabbits are fibrevores, and they need a rather fantastic amount of fibre in their diet.
  • The best way to give your rabbit enough fibre is to feed plenty of hay. Each rabbit needs a pile of hay at least as large as himself every day.
  • A few fresh greens and specially formulated treats are supplements to your rabbit’s daily intake of hay – not replacements. Always check that a food isn’t poisonous before giving it to your pet.
  • Don’t forget that fresh water is a must for your rabbits – and you may need to check the bowl a few times during the day.
  • Muesli can lead to selective feeding which can result in an imbalanced diet and reduced hay intake.



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