• Billy the great dane
    Healthy pet club case study - Billy the great dane
    Billy the great dane
  • Mia the black labrador
    case study Mia
    Mia the black labrador

Welcome to the Healthy Pet Club

An exciting new product has now been introduced to the range of Healthy Pet Club lifetime care medications to replace Cosequin.

MiPet Active+ chews are a highly palatable treat for dogs to help maintain mobility.  

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HPC girl and dogGreat pet health care and great yearly savings

We at the Healthy Pet Club want to help pet owners to raise healthy, happy pets and that’s why we have developed the Healthy Pet Club loyalty scheme to provide accessible, quality preventative pet health care.

The Healthy Pet Club helps thousands of club members make great yearly savings and spread the cost of their pet’s routine health care, such as booster vaccinations, flea and worming, in an affordable monthly direct debit.

We offer tailored schemes for puppies, kittens, dogs, cats and rabbits.

To find a vet practice near you that offers the Healthy Pet Club visit our practice finder.

Sashi is a delightful 13 year old Golden Labrador and an excellent example of how beneficial it is to be a member of the Healthy Pet Club even when you are a little mature in age.
One in 10 dogs suffer from allergies, in much the same way as people do. From environmental substances like pollen, mould or dust mites, to parasites such as fleas and mites or food allergies – there are lots of things that can cause dog allergies.