Top Pet Care Tips

How to prevent against worms

Signs that your pet may have worms: Weight loss Dry and coarse fur Increased appetite Weakness Diarrhoea Scooting – pet dragging its bottom along the floor Obsessive cleaning of bottom Bloated stomach – normally only in severe cases How to prevent against worms: Have an effective worm preventative program Regularly use a flea treatment, as…

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How to Remove a Tick from your Pet

Dental Disease How Can I Help My Pet In Hot Weather? Itchy Skin Basic First Aid Benefits of Neutering Chocotox Exercising Your Pet Toxocara Canis Antifreeze Lungworm Travelling With Your Pet Fleas and Worms Removing Ticks Winter Fleas Signs of Arthritis Fireworks Summer Dangers Keeping Pets Cool Why is My Pet Drinking More Than Normal?…

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Prevent your Dog from Becoming Overweight

All dogs need regular exercise; it keeps them fit, burns energy, keeps their mind stimulated and allows them to interact with other dogs. Walking a dog is also one of the greatest pleasures of owning a dog and will help to keep you fit too. However, one in five dog owners do not give their…

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